Sunday, August 10, 2008

Free Online 8085 Assembler and Simulator

Free Online 8085 Assembler and Simulator
I just made this long back, just put it online for anyone that might be interested in using it.

Quick Start

  • Enter the code as shown in the sample in the code view,
  • Click Compile and Simulate.
  • Click HexView to see the hex code of the program
  • Click SimView and Click Step or Exec to simulate the program.

There is a built in special function call for keyboard reads : CALL KBINPUT
Displays a prompt for directly entering into the Accumulator.

In addition memory locations can be assigned in code using
ORG Hex Address
EE FF 00 11
22 33 44 55
66 77

Assembly Source CodeView



The SimView Screen is divided into 4 Sections:
  • The extreme left shows the code and highlights the current section being executed.
  • The middle box shows the registers and flags
  • The extreme right shows the stack.
  • The bottom box prints values of memory locations.

More features would be posted as memory comes to me

Friday, August 1, 2008

nVidia Core Temperature too high on my Compaq Presario Lappy

LAPtops as the name stands, conventionally meant to be on the LAP. But in my case not only can it be kept on a lap, it fries everything underneath !
Check out the screenshot!

nVidia GPU Core Temperature Screenshot

This is kinda normal, it gets to 110+ when connected to TV or playing a game!.

The nVidia GeForce card is suspected to do the overheating.
I am using a Compaq Presario V3000 Notebook.
Does any one having a similar series face the problem?
Any Solutions?
Has anyone tried cooking with this lappy? !
Please do comment.