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Monday, April 5, 2010

Using HDMI Port to connect your laptop To TV

HDMI port can be used to play High Definition Video on your TV. New TV models like the LG Scarlet support HDMI ports which is the new standard that interconnects video devices.

Using HDMI Port to connect your laptop To TV

HDMI having a bandwidth of about 10 Gbps, can support transfer of real time HD Videos (1080p).

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Lighter free social bookmarking Javascript

Social Media Buttons help you share the content on bookmarking websites such as Stumble Upon, Reddit or Digg or social networking Websites such as Facebook or Twitter. Adding the buttons helps you to expose your content to a broader audience.
There are lots of social media button providers such as AddThis or ShareThis. I think it is overloaded with features that makes your page load slow as well as bring in unintentional 3rd party javascript code ( or flash tracker ) which runs on your blog.

So it is always safe to use your own script or scripts which you can read understand and verify it just does what it is suppose to do.

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