Monday, January 15, 2007

Firefox Browser within Browser

Browser within Browser ?

This effect is only for Mozilla Firefox. Paste
into your address bar and press Enter.

What? How?
All interfaces on firefox are made on XUL's. The browser window you see is browser.xul, accessing that simply displays the browser window again as the content.

Quoted from

XUL is an XML grammar that provides user interface widgets like buttons, menus, toolbars, trees etc. User actions are bound to functionality using JavaScript.

To extend the browser, we modify parts of the browser UI by adding or modifying widgets. We add widgets by inserting new XUL DOM elements into the browser window, and modify them by using script and attaching event handlers.

Have fun making tabs within tabs within tabs ......

Did not work?
Did not work ? What happened ? Lemme know ...

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Anonymous said...

It didn't work. When I pasted that info it just closed firefox. I've attempted it multiple times with the same results.

Sumit Khanna said...

Worked for me in

Kinda worthless, but still neat.

Gotta love Object Orientated Design.