Thursday, March 8, 2007

Cancelling Automatic System Shutdown on XP

Have you ever lost valuable data because of the automatic shutdown window that pops up now and then? Have you been frustrated by this window ?

Appears mostly when XP considers itself unstable and needs to reboot, It gives us a window of barely 1 minute to pack up our things and save all the work etc. But what if you want more than a minute to do this. End Tasking or Closing the window does not work.

Here is how to do it ..

  • Run the command prompt ( Start > Run > Open: cmd )

  • In the command prompt, type :
    shutdown -a

  • Thats all

This procedure aborts the system shutdown and gives you enough time to save all your work. It is strongly recommended that you manually reboot the system after you are done with the saving.