Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Freeing up more disk space

Disk Clean Up
Right Click the drive -> Properties -> Click on the Disk Clean Up -> Press OK

Obsolete Restore Files
Right Click the drive -> Properties -> Click on the Disk Clean Up -> More Options Tab -> System Restore Frame -> Click Clean Up -> OK

Disable Hibernation
If you do not use hibernate feature, disable it.
Control Panel -> Power Options -> Hibernate Tab -> Uncheck Enable Hibernation -> OK

Removing .tmp , .log
.tmp and .log are temporary or log files that simply clog up valuable disk space on your system, Its safe to delete them.

Clean the TEMP directories
X:\Documents and Settings\User\Local Settings\TEMP

Remove unused User Accounts
Delete any users that no longer exists

Change the pagefiling quota on the disk
Control Panel -> Click System -> Advanced Tab -> Performance Frame -> Click Settings -> Advanced Tab -> Virtual Memory Frame -> Click Change Button -> ...

Remove DMP file
Sometimes a RAM image may be saved to your X:\Windows\ folder after a crash. You can remove that files. Normally X:\Windows\memory.dmp

Empty the Trash Bin
Right Click the Recycle Bin and Click empty Recycle Bin.

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Run the Disk Defragmenter to increase performance.
Pressing PrintScreen takes the screen shot of the entire screen.
Pressing Alt+PrintScreen takes the screen shot of the active window only.