Friday, January 11, 2008

Fedora 8 - Werewolf on Compaq Presario V3000

The Beginning
Fedora 8, after tackling for about a week with my perl download manager, downloaded Fedora8 Werwolf, (Fedora8.iso 3.18 GiB). Phew! As expected the SHA1SUM did not match the expected one.
What to do? Redownloading the 3.18 GiB is silly. So...
BitTorrent : Torrent files contain SHA signatures of all the pieces of information, so downloaded the fedora8.torrent file, checked for SHA1 mismatches in all the pieces in the download.
Figured out that just around 12MB of the download is corrupted. Easily replaced the portion and voilla finished Fedora8.iso!! Learned a lot thank you fedora ;)

First Impressions
Well to start with it detected my Video Card, nVidia GeForce Go 6150, all of my hard drives and partitions, including NTFS drives without any additional software install. It looks classy not much fuzz.
as usually there is the problem of mouse disappearing, and desktop-effects cannot be enabled!
- the Mouse Disappearing can be fixed as shown in my previous post.
- MP3 doesn't play right out of the box :(

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Anonymous said...

Very usefull tips. Could you please tell how did you check for the mismatches and how did you extract the particular portions? Thanks in advance.

Arun Prabhakar said...

Calculate the SHASUM of the file you downloaded in blocks of blocklength as indicated in the piece_length in torrent file. Verify the SHA for each pieces ...
Hop that clears it.

I did it in PERL

Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks for information! I did just take the blocks by the size of SHA hash. But now how to download missing data? Did you program a downloader where you specify range: bytes= or is there any specific downloader that you used?

Arun Prabhakar said...

I did everything in PERL..
Downloading with the HTTP Range Header set.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot Arun, keep up the good work!:)

Anonymous said...


Having some trouble with installing werewolf on my presario v3000. LAN card is not getting activated which is a showstopper. Can you help me out at please. Or give me a url and ID to respond to and I will send in details there.

Thanks so much,