Saturday, March 29, 2008

Repair Windows with Linux


Invalid System File
Corurpt or missing : C:\WINDOWS\SYSTM32\CONFIG\SYSTEM
Put Windows CD Press r blaah!

Warning: Do it carefully or you might end up in reinstalling :)

Pre Requisites
Any Linux OS, Live CD might work as well.

What to do?
Boot into the linux OS, and run as root dosfsck -a /dev/sdaX
where /dev/sdaX is the Drive windows is installed on.
This should fix a corrupt file system.
(Applicable only for vFAT, NTFS no idea :)

Reboot the system
If it doesn't work again

Boot into linux
and do the following as root

Mount the drive windows is installed on to say "/mnt/c"

# cd /mnt/c/windows/system32
# cp -r config /home/some/directory
# cp ../Repair/system config/system

NOTE: Copy other files such as software from Repair to config only if they are shown as corrupt.

Reboot the system

Now it should boot into windows and show your desktop.
Now use system restore to get back to your initial state.

Any doubts ?


Anonymous said...

Linux is indispensables if you want to reinstall - its the easiest way to get your files out of the C: partition if you Windows system is not booting.

Rahul said...

Well, if your system is not booting, I would recommend transferring all the files to a linux drive, format the windows drive and forget about such an operating system. Make the formatted space your /home directory or something !