Sunday, July 20, 2008

Server Not Found, Fix DNS Problems.

Sometimes wierd things happen,
Server Not Found
Or you can get but not
Or you cannot get but your friend can!
Silly DNS Problems.

When we browser and enter a url in the browser's address bar, one of the first step is to resolve the domain name. ie convert the to the IP address.

If our dns server settings are wrong or if the dns server does not respond, we get the familiar
Server Not Found page.

There are some ways to resolve this.

  1. Get the correcet DNS IP address from the ISP, and get more than one.
  2. Get some free DNS IP address, some of which are given below
  3. Install a local caching dns server that caches servernames and ip address so that subsequent visits can be made faster since resolving is done locally.
    like Ubuntu debian package dnsmasq

Adding name servers
Windows :

  • Click TCP/IP and then click Properties.
  • Add Primary and Secondary DNS Servers.

Add the lines to /etc/resolv.conf
nameserver IP.ADD.RES.SSS

Any more ideas ?


Anonymous said...

but all is isp dont allow to change the name server ..this thing wont work out in all cases

Arun Prabhakar said...

Which ISP ?
It works for Dataone.
And I think a similar procedure could work with any ISP.