Friday, May 22, 2009

Orkut YouTube Facebook etc Blocked ?? Follow this guide to Unblock

Blocked ??!!!

Most of you may be out there to desparately find out how to unblock all these social networking sites. The solution is to use a proxy. You can use proxy sites available all over the internet, or set up your on SSH proxy if you have an SSH server.

Setting up an SSH server is easy. If you have a machine at home, install any linux distribution with SSH server enabled. Now grab hold of your Home machine IP address and proceed to this page to setup your SSH Proxy.

Alternatively if you don't have the luxury of setting up an SSH machine at home, search on Google "Free Shell Accounts", "Free SSH Accounts", "Free SSH server", etc and sign up with anyone. Beware that your credentials will be passed to these servers while logging in. So it is always secure to use one at your home. Still if you are so desperate, you can do so :D ...

SSH Proxy Setup