Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tata Indicom Wimax Broadband Connection sharing via Wireless router (D-Link)

Intro: Tata Indicom Wimax Broadband
We got a new Tata Indicom WiMax Broadband connection, and one of the first problems was sharing the net connection with the room mates. After doing a little research on it I found

  • Tata Indicom uses a net (HTTP) based authenticating system to logon you onto their servers, against conventional setup of PPPoE.

Connection Sharing
In order to enable connection sharing and browsing first you have to get a router. We used a D-Link Router DIR-300 Wireless Router (Approx cost Rs. 2100). These are the following steps to configure the router. First connect the CPE (Customer Premise Equipment) or simply the small box that comes with a LAN cable onto your routers Internet Port
  • Goto your router URL (default Login using your default username (admin) and password(blank) (for D-Link)
  • In the page click the Manual Internet Connection Setup
  • Under Internet Connection Type
    Choose My Internet Connection is : Dynamic IP (DHCP)
  • Press Save Settings
  • Turn off the plugs and turn it on

  • The key thing about Tata connection is to have Patience, wait for some 5 - 10 minutes
  • Open up the browser and goto your favorite site, it will redirect to the Tata Indicom Login page, any one of you login and everyone can browse the internet

Security Note:
Change your default Router password
Change your default Tata Indicom Broadband Password
Add WEP or WPA Encryption to your router if you are using wirless
Enable Access Control and limit by MAC address to fully secure your network from free riders.

Enjoy surfing :)


K Bindumadhavan said...

This was really very helpful!

I had managed to get the Dlink router to work but could not get through to their setting page to make it security enabled. This was because the Tata Indicom CPE was already using the IP address given by Dlink for their router.

When I called Tata Indicom help desk they gave me the run around saying that I need to call my system administrator! I said I am it! Then they said I need to call hardware engineer! Nothing helpful. (In fact my undergraduate degree is in Telecommunications but that goes back to before the internet!)

But as it turns out (and as I had suspected all along) the solution was straight forward. All that I needed was the alternate IP address of the DIR 300 router. According to Dlink manual it was but since that was taken up by Tata Indicom's CPE Dlink apparently defaults to a different node. But I did not know that.

After googling to your page I was able to find the correct IP address for configuring the Dlink router, which is I suppose there is some hierarchy that these systems follow which lets the Dlink router default to .1.1 if .0.1 is already in use or some such process. However the strange part is no one (niether Dlink for Tata Indicom) mention this. Dlink talks about how to change the IP address to something else but I felt there must be an easier solution and there was.

By typing this alternate address in the browser I was able to get to the wireless settings and make it a SSID network with a key. Something everyone should do not only to disable free riders but ensure that no one misuses your network.

This is probably a very common problem faced by users and Tata Indicom could help big time by just suggesting customers to try out the alternate IP address but they could not or did not do it.

Any way thanks a ton! Cnsidering that I was one of their national trials for Wimax it is all the more difficult to digest but that is how large companies work.

Once again many thanks. Now my network is security enabled.

Hope these comments help others who are looking to go wireless (with security enabled) using a Tata Indicom Wimax unlimited access internet connection.

KB, Hyderabad.

Arun Prabhakar said...

You are most welcome. :)

AV said...


I have a problem in this issue. I have a TP LINK Router, which i got just a few days ago. I have trouble configuring my router. As you said, I followed the same procedure, but nothing happened. Can you please help me with this.