Thursday, June 7, 2007

Get anyones eMail ID on ORKUT


Yes you can get anyone's email ID who is on Orkut. This is a serious security hole and violates many privacy statements. You can actually get anyone's email ID on orkut.


  • Goto the persons orkut Profile page.

  • Click the ignore user link.

  • Sign into Google Talk using the google talk client provided by google

  • Click on Settings near the top of the main google talk window.

  • On the list click Blocked

  • And there you will have the person's email ID

Thats all
I hope orkut fixes this soon. Otherwise many email ids are going to be compromised.


Anonymous said...

whoa...!!!!!!! how dou find em dude .....that was smart ..nic find.

Anonymous said...

Dude, even this one has stopped working now.

Aryan said...

Unfortunately This will only work for the users in ur frnd list

Shooters XI said...

How to find the mail id of the orkut users not in ur friends list????

NEED CPL said...

how to find out the email id of orkut, i try ignore n looking in edit in pending invitation. is there any other wat plz help me dude

NEED CPL said...

How to find the mail id of the orkut users not in my friends list, i try ignoring and looking in pending list, is there any other way???

Anonymous said...

This method is not working any more i tried but their aint any bloked users in my gtalk. but when i see ignore list in orkut i have 3 contacts.

Unknown said...

none of these trick working at present .. actually i wanted email id to send afrnd request who has made frnd requests only 4 dose who knows d email id ..
can sme1 help me findind out email id of person using his/her profile ..