Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Yahoo! Built in chat with mail

Catches up with Google and introduces the same Inbox + Messenger bundle. On the new yahoo mail beta now you can chat to your friends too.

At first look yea it rocks. It has almost all the formatting and smilies used by messenger. (Of course the Gizmos are missing).

But still gmail is ahead because, gmail allows you to be signed in on more than one place. For eg: mail and google talk. Yahoo does not allow that when you sign in inside the mail, you get disconnected on the messenger. I donno about you but hmmm I dint like that.

Secondly the gMail client is neatly presented on top of your mails, So you can go on reading the mails while your slow friend is finding the keys on keyboard ;)
Third, I hate that advertisement on the right edge! And most importantly it refreshes too often making it a pain! Of course I know free always implies filled with ads , but I guess this is a little too much.

What do you think?


Rahul said...

r your im name more... and delete this comment after soing it

Anonymous said...

i don't use gmail..cos it doesn't allow me to go invisible(even when i just wanna check mail). Altho probably the underlying protocol doesn't support it. But from a usability point of view that still sucks. Yahoo has most of the point correct but its come far too late. Meebo's is better :-D
Cheers to you tho,